New website

Due to the recent Cloudflare issue causing Russian users to be blocked, Webtatic is now using DNS load-balancing to serve a static website from the fastest latency available location Webtatic servers to the visitor.

Previously the website was using Wordpress along with WP-Super-Cache preload to generate a static website with some dynamic functionality. It’s now instead generated using Hugo (a static website generator). This nicely changed the generation from taking 10 minutes to 1 second.

RSS/Atom feeds are still available for the news section, categories and tags, redirecting from Wordpress’s feed urls to Hugo’s generated ones, however more advanced feeds that combine multiple tags into one feed are no longer available.

Comments, which were previously used to submit feedback, are no longer possible due to this change, however the package pages link now to the Github repository for each package, and you can use the Github Issues functionality to raise issues relating to the packages.