Latest updates, PHP 5.4.14 / 5.3.24

Here are updated packages in the Yum repository:

The PHP 5.3 and 5.4 releases mention no CVE security issues fixed.

Due to mysql55 being prepared for release on Webtatic 6 for RHEL/CentOS 6, the PHP 5.4 releases 5.4.12, 5.4.13 were inadvertently linking the mysql extension to it's latest client library, causing new installations to require/install MySQL 5.5 client library. This has been fixed, and as of this release will correctly link to the RHEL/CentOS base mysql client libraries.

A new package, php54w-mysql55 has been added which uses the MySQL 5.5 client library for compatibility and a replacement for php54w-mysql should you prefer to use MySQL 5.5. A similar package may be created in the future for mysqlnd (PHP MySql native driver).

The mysql55 release 5.3.31 is not yet ready on CentOS 6, due more work needed to resolve incompatibilities between CentOS 6.4 and earlier CentOS 6.* releases.