Infrastructure change: multi-region yum repository

No data-centre can truly say they can guarantee infrastructure with 100% uptime, and neither can the one Webtatic has been hosted on, so the Webtatic repository is now going multi-data-centre and multi-region, giving it the possibility of being up and running even if one data-centre has issues.

Previously, Webtatic has been hosted in a single data-centre in east USA, with a backup AWS S3 bucket ready to serve on manual intervention. This I feel hasn't been adequate enough, so the last week I've been preparing changes to the repository so that even if a data-centre has connectivity issues, this should not affect your use of the repository.

The new changes bring in an additional mirror of the repository active all the time, which Yum will chose as another source for the repository.

So now we have: - the existing instance, still accessible from - the new mirror, hosted in the UK - the source for the mirrorlist and latest.rpm, located on AWS S3

What's more, with the Yum plugin 'fastestmirror' (which usually is pre-installed on RHEL/CentOS), wherever you are in the world, you'll get the best one of the two in your location.

All you need to do is upgrade to the latest webtatic-release, which can be done simply:

Webtatic 5 for RHEL/CentOS 5:

rpm -Uvh

Webtatic el6 for RHEL/CentOS 6:

rpm -Uvh

The website is not yet multi-region, however this will be looked into in the next few weeks.